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Jody’s Garden Services

There are many aspects to designing a multi functional, biologically diverse, wildlife garden.

This is why we design creative habitats for your garden, not just flower beds. The key word here is design. Once we've identified the potential diversity for your garden (which is primarily location focused, rather than a full ecological survey in your garden), we then incorporate the required habitats into a creative design.

When we consider log piles, we create sculptured log piles, when we design water features, we create natural looking ponds that harmonise with the space. Every aspect in the design concept is bespoke and tailored to your garden. Sculptures and creative design are integral in many of our garden designs.

The Build:

Not only do we design gardens, we also take control of the build. Primarily gardeners with a range of landscaping skills, we occasionally contract in specialists with specific skills to ensure the highest standards are attained in all aspects of the build. Overall project control is always maintained by Jody.

  Example 2:

It's interesting to note that many insects (which are of paramount importance in the wildlife food chain) specialise in certain plants. They're not simply fussy, they have evolved diverse mouth parts that limit them to differing flower types.

Monitor your current garden flowers and you will see they appeal to some species and not others. It's important to cater to these different aspects if you want a real buzz in your garden. Remember, diverse plants attract diverse species, which, in themselves, create an even greater ranging food chain. This is nature, in your garden!

How much will it cost?

Obviously, each garden design is bespoke and tailored to its own requirements. However, to create effective gardens to host and support wildlife requires a certain amount of planting, structure and functional landscaping. Every garden is unique, but as a rough guide, a typical town garden total makeover will require an average of £6,000-£10,000. We can produce gardens for much less than this and will accommodate any budget, so I offer this example price as a guide only.


Not all gardens require a complete redesign and build. We are happy to consult with customers and discuss their garden with them. We can suggest improvements towards more complete habitats for wildlife.

Example 1:

Filling a garden with nectar rich plants (which many garden designers will do to attract wildlife) will certainly provide food for many insects. The Red Admiral butterfly is a lovely garden visitor for many people and Buddleias in summer can really draw them. However, these are adult forms of the insect. Where do they lay their eggs and what do the larvae eat. How do they survive a British winter? Pollen rich plants are only a small part of the picture.

Plants & materials used:

We believe that natural looking garden designs lend themselves best to wildlife habitats. Which means we tend to avoid straight lines and heavy hard landscaping. Instead, we prefer to use natural softer materials and curves where possible. Some aspects of a garden will require hard landscaping, but we try to soften this and minimise it's impact wherever possible.

Our Design Approach