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Sow fast growing crops in between longer maturing, or nearly finished crops or even pop some in among your flower borders. If slugs are a problem, I have found margarine tubs with an inch or so of beer in, set at strategic points around the garden is an excellent remedy.

Early sowings of broad beans will be forming pods which are good eaten while they are still young. The tips, when nipped off the top of the beans to discourage black fly, can be eaten as well.

Raspberries will be sending up stray canes now, you can cut these out and plant them in a more suitable location or chop them out with a hoe if not wanted. As the canes grow they will need staking or some means of supporting them.

Remember to allow the air to circulate round your greenhouse or cold frame to keep your tomato and pepper plants growing healthily. Keep pinching out the side shoots and spray water overhead to help the fruit to set.

If you want Wallflowers or Sweet Williams next year, now is the time to sow the seed of biennials in a small corner of your garden. In the Autumn you can transplant to their Spring flowering positions.

You should now be able to safely put out your tender bedding plants and hanging baskets. Your daffodils and tulips will have died down and you can lift any that are overcrowded or in the way of the summer displays and put them to ripen off in boxes in a dry place.  Fork chicken manure pellets into the soil before you plant out your half hardy plants.

Don’t forget to put your houseplants out into the garden to enjoy a summer shower. They will respond well to the fresh air and to having the winter dust washed off. This treatment is not recommended however for houseplants which are very delicate or have furry leaves such as saintpaulias; these are best dusted with a small brush.

Dead heading of roses is an important job from now on to extend the flowering season. Keep an eye out for any signs of disease and spray against mildew. Aphids can be a real problem with roses, but these can be controlled, if caught early, by rubbing off between thumb and fingers, and also helped by ladybirds and hoverfly larvae which are voracious feeders on greenfly.

In the vegetable garden, you will now be harvesting your early sowings of salad crops. Carry on sowing more seed to keep up a succession throughout the summer.

Hardy annuals sown directly into the seed bed earlier, will need to be thinned out to prevent the possibility of damping off.

At last June has arrived; the month of roses and when, traditionally, we can finally say goodbye to cold nights and frosts and expect warm sunny days and barbeque weekends.