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This isn’t just gardening with plant knowledge, it is gardening with passion & understanding for wildlife.

Our gardens are not a choice between a pretty garden or a functional wildlife haven, we design beautiful gardens with style and creativity, yet incorporate fully thought-through habitats.  Species likely to visit your garden are identified from the outset, their full life cycle requirements are considered and all the inter-connected food chains that they integrate with are mapped and catered for. These are beautiful and functional garden designs.

Gardens are needed.

Collectively, gardens provide a huge area to support wildlife, which for many years has been under increasing pressure as a result of habitat loss. Understanding what is in a garden, both flora & fauna, and having the skill to effectively manage it will allow nature to thrive on all fronts.

When we complete a garden, we provide you with your own bespoke guide to your garden.

Every plant you will grow has a purpose, as does each garden feature and many other hidden aspects that we incorporate into the design.

Your guide will not only identify what is in your garden, but also why it's there, what it's attracting, it's position in the food chain and, most importantly, a guide to managing it for future years.

No longer just an aesthetically pleasing space, you will be able to manage your garden and see it more as a living, breathing and thriving eco system.

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We are different to other Wildlife and wildflower Gardeners.

There are many garden designers who will offer wildlife garden makeovers, however, where we differ is considerable.

We are not just gardening with plant knowledge, we are gardeners with a passion and understanding of wildlife.

Now ask that designer WHAT wildlife will benefit and HOW will the design help? Chances are, a traditional gardener will, at best, mention butterflies and bees, but which species exactly? Why are they attracted and are all their requirements being fulfilled? This is unlikely. We, at Jody's Garden Services, bridge this lack of understanding, not only answering these questions but incorporating it fully into each garden design.

Why we are different

Ask a traditional gardener to design and build a wildlife garden and it's likely that they will design a garden, pop down to the local nursery, purchase a collection of pollinating plants that are in season, hopefully incorporate a pond in the design and maybe include a log pile. This is usually the extent to which most designers understand about wildlife gardens.

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